Here are some easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to connect to a VPN from home.

How to connect to a VPN

1. Look for and double click this icon on your desktop (below, it may say something similar but will contain the word “VPN”)


2. This will open this page

3. Select your VPN from the dropdown menu and click connect.

4. You may be prompted to enter your:

Username – this is the same username you use in the office

Password – this is the same password you use in the office

Domain – a member of the EDAC team will have informed you of what domain to enter

5. Once entered click “Connect”


6. You will see this box flash up on screen.

7. To check you have successfully connected to the VPN, double click this icon:

8. This will then show this screen which should now say “Hang Up”, this means you are successfully connected to the VPN, to disconnect from the VPN, click the “Hang Up” button.


If you are unsuccessful at any point during these instructions, please email with which step you are stuck on and a screenshot of what you are seeing.


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